"I enjoyed so much attending JoAnn's workshop. She creates such a wonderfully, calm and safe space for all participants. She has an incredible ability to listen ans is very insightful in helping each individual "get to the heart of the matter". Her personal story about releasing fear is very inspirational and a great example of what she teaches.
Rita C.

"There are times in our lives where we would like a caring guide to help us on our journey. JoAnn's years of experiences, compassionate nature, and professional expertise in healthcare make her a wonderful and nurturing guide whom I would highly recommend".                                                                                                                                                                                 
Tina W.

"Joann is an awesome workshop leader. She's very kind and nurturing in spirit. She's helped me
learn some things about myself and I am eternally grateful; and she's done it in such an open-hearted,
allowing and kind way. She's truly a beautiful person and I highly recommend her workshop!"   
Jennifer D.
Ontario, Ca                                       

"Coaching with you was an eye opening experience. Joann, You have a
calming and soothing professional coaching approach. You had the ability 
to uncover areas from my past that still needing forgiveness and to be released.
Thank you for my new story and guiding me so gracefully to where I need to go."
Darcy B.
New York

"JoAnn has been our infusion and head nurse for our rheumatology practice for many years. During that period, she has always tried to spend that extra time with our patients teaching them the importance of developing a more positive attitude and how it can benefit their dis-ease, relationships, and all other aspects of their lives. Once they learn how to 'tell a different story' their condition frequently eases and often they require fewer medications. She has a passion to empower them with the tools that reclaim their innate power of the moment. I predict that more medical practices will consider hiring employees that demonstrate these intuitive and compassionate traits, or refer more of their selected patients someone with this training.
Frank J. Nolan, M.D., Rheumatologist (and husband)
Vista, Ca.